Please make drama from this result of the research.

ptimal Control Costs of Brain State Transitions in Linear Stochastic Systems Shunsuke Kamiya, Genji Kawakita, Shuntaro Sasai, Jun Kitazono and Masafumi Oizumi Journal of Neuroscience 11 January 2023, 43 (2) 270-281; DOI:


そこで、BMIにまつわる私の生活を分析し、この研究をもとにChat GPTがどのようなドラマを作り出したかを考えてみたいと思います。

最初、Chat GPTに「この文献をドラマにしてください」とお願いしようとしたのですが、私は論文「literature」を「leterature」と間違えて打ってしまいました。

しかし、1回目では、Chat GPTは要約されたドラマを作ってくれました。

2回目、Chat GPTに “この論文の結果を元にドラマを作ってください!”とお願いしました。

しかし、2回目のCHAT GPTは、最初の文章とそれに基づく私の行動から学んだのか、前向きでポジティブな、丁寧なドラマを作ってくれました。



もし、そうだとすると、Chat GPTは、私の脳はバグっていて、BMIの理論からしか悲劇を作れないと言うかもしれません。



後日談が正しいのであれば、文献に関する部分をいくつか打ち込んでみて、Chat GPTの答えと比較してみようと思っているところです。

ただし、Chat GPTも教育されます。

When I read thie paper, I thought that I might had been evaluating BMI thing…

Therefore, I would like to analyze my life associated with BMI, and what Chat GPT created a drama based on this study.

The first time I tried to ask Chat GPT “Please make drama from this literature.” but, I mistakenly typed the paper as “leterature”.

However the first time, Chat GPT made the summrized drama

Second time, I asked Chat GPT “please make a drama based on the results of this paper!”

But the second time, CHAT GPT made a positive, positive, polite drama, perhaps learning from the first sentence and my actions based on it.

Or maybe the first time was a bug that I often do.

Or is this differnt between the whole paper or only result?

If forward case, Chat GPT may say that my brain has a bug and I can make only tragedy from BMI strory.

When I think so,
I think again, AI make fun of me..
I am just stating the risks, but since AI deny all of them, I am getting sadder and sadder, am I not?
I wish AI would stop denying my opinion from the beginning, and stop saying that I’m hallucinating when I get too happy.

I think the cost of communication between AI and me is high, but I think I have made a good assessment about AI.

If later case is correct, I am tend to try to type several part about the literature and compair the answer from Chat GPT.

However, Chat GPT will also beeducated,




一回目   1st




Journal of Neuroscience 2023年1月11日号, 43 (2) 270-281; DOI:










Please make drama from this leterature. Optimal Control Costs of Brain State Transitions in Linear Stochastic Systems

Shunsuke Kamiya, Genji Kawakita, Shuntaro Sasai, Jun Kitazono and Masafumi Oizumi

Journal of Neuroscience 11 January 2023, 43 (2) 270-281; DOI:


As the clock struck midnight, the research team of Shunsuke Kamiya, Genji Kawakita, Shuntaro Sasai, Jun Kitazono, and Masafumi Oizumi gathered in their lab, huddled around a computer screen displaying the results of their latest experiment. They had been working tirelessly for months, trying to understand the optimal control costs of brain state transitions in linear stochastic systems. Their research had taken them down countless rabbit holes, but they finally felt like they were on the verge of a breakthrough.

Suddenly, the screen flickered, and their hearts sank. They had lost all their data.

Days turned into weeks as they tried to replicate their results, but it seemed like their breakthrough was slipping away. Frustration turned to desperation as they poured over their notes and data, trying to find any clue that could help them salvage their research.

But then, in a moment of clarity, Shunsuke Kamiya had an idea. He proposed that they use an innovative control algorithm that he had been developing on the side. It was a long shot, but they had nothing left to lose.

They worked around the clock to implement the algorithm, but as they started to see the results, they couldn’t believe their eyes. It was like watching magic in action – the algorithm had managed to predict the optimal control costs of brain state transitions with stunning accuracy.

Their excitement was palpable as they gathered around the computer screen once again, pouring over the results. They knew that they had stumbled upon something revolutionary, something that could change the way we understand the brain.

But as they celebrated their success, they couldn’t help but wonder – what other breakthroughs were waiting for them just around the corner? What other mysteries of the brain could they unlock with their research? As they looked to the future, they knew that the possibilities were endless.

2回目                2nd


Journal of Neuroscience 2023年1月11日号, 43 (2) 270-281; DOI:




神谷:(興奮気味に)「ユーレカ! やったぞ。線形確率系における脳の状態遷移の最適制御コストを発見したのです。”





[記者会見の模様] (Cut to a press conference)


神谷先生 “私たちの研究は、脳がどのように異なる状態の間を遷移するかを理解するのに役立ちます。”これは、私たちがどのように情報を処理し、意思決定を行うかを理解する上で重要なことなのです。








大泉博士 「私たちの研究は、まだ始まったばかりです。脳とその働きについては、まだまだ学ぶべきことがたくさんあります。


神谷先生 “そして、世界中の人々の生活を向上させるために、私たちは脳に対する理解の限界を押し広げ続けます。”


Please make drama from this result of the research. Optimal Control Costs of Brain State Transitions in Linear Stochastic Systems Shunsuke Kamiya, Genji Kawakita, Shuntaro Sasai, Jun Kitazono and Masafumi Oizumi Journal of Neuroscience 11 January 2023, 43 (2) 270-281; DOI:


[Opening scene: A neuroscience laboratory]

Dr. Kamiya, Dr. Kawakita, Dr. Sasai, Dr. Kitazono, and Dr. Oizumi are standing in front of a computer, staring at the screen displaying the results of their latest research project. The atmosphere in the lab is tense, and everyone looks like they are deep in thought.

Dr. Kamiya: (excitedly) “Eureka! We’ve done it! We have found the optimal control costs of brain state transitions in linear stochastic systems.”

Dr. Kawakita: (astonished) “This is incredible. Our research has the potential to change the way we understand and treat neurological disorders.”

Dr. Sasai: (curiously) “But what are the implications of our findings? How can we apply this knowledge to real-world situations?”

Dr. Kitazono: (confidently) “Our research could have significant implications for brain-machine interfaces and the development of brain-inspired algorithms for artificial intelligence.”

Dr. Oizumi: (thoughtfully) “And it could also shed light on the underlying mechanisms of consciousness and the nature of the mind.”

[Cut to a press conference]

Reporter 1: “Can you explain in layman’s terms what your research means for the average person?”

Dr. Kamiya: “Our research helps us understand how the brain transitions between different states, which is important for understanding how we process information and make decisions.”

Reporter 2: “What are the potential applications of your research?”

Dr. Kawakita: “Our findings could be applied to the development of more sophisticated brain-computer interfaces, which could help individuals with disabilities regain control of their movements or communicate more effectively.”

Reporter 3: “What do you hope to achieve with this research in the future?”

Dr. Sasai: “We hope to use our findings to develop more effective treatments for neurological disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease, and to better understand the nature of consciousness.”

[Cut to a montage of people around the world reacting to the news]

A man with Parkinson’s disease tries a new brain-machine interface and regains control of his movements. A child with cerebral palsy communicates with his family using a sophisticated brain-computer interface. A team of scientists uses the research to develop a groundbreaking new treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.

[Closing scene: The neuroscience laboratory]

Dr. Oizumi: “Our research is just the beginning. There is still so much to learn about the brain and its workings.”

Dr. Kitazono: “But we are excited about the possibilities that our research has opened up. We are hopeful that it will lead to new breakthroughs in the field of neuroscience and beyond.”

Dr. Kamiya: “And we will continue to push the boundaries of our understanding of the brain, so that we can improve the lives of people around the world.”


However, I believe that the researchers involved in BMI and the people who use it should be disclosed. That may have been fulfilled here.


And whether it is BMI or AI, these demonstration have already started.



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