always cutting edge.

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I’ll send e-mail to the person who has sent me the documents of year-end tax adjustment.

I have to say sorry of my delayed sending.

But I don’t need to fill in other details because I don’t have any insurance for health care.

I have incurable disease, so I can’t make a contract with them.

Then I can’t purchase real estate, because I can’t make a contract for payments.

SNS advertisement forces me to consider purchasing real estate over and over again.

Moneys workers are extremely richer than me.

Biological researchers are muddled workers.

However, I have to appreciate bosses  that they recommend me to be manager even I was diseased.

Till I was invited to PD world, I was happier than now.

If I don’t know this PD world, I might had been happy.

But even if it had been so, I think I had been invited this world sooner or later.

2018-9 may be 1st movement, I think. 

But the boards of The organisation that became the flagship have been died or more sick.

I have not to involve  others.

I recognize that I should consider about future for my children, but,,,,

I can’t  select any more.

However, Facebook said the finale.

My task may be closed.

Today’s my task is confirm that I can go out and talk with others in the small party.

I asked one, who is retired from Pharm, to help my activities of PwP.

But he said ” No!”

like someone who got away.

I am always cutting edge.

Everybody’s saying so.

But I think it’s about time the times caught up with us in a big hurry.

See, the AI responded immediately and sent me an email.

I have sent message to my ex-buddy that I would like to see new generation together.

This dream hadn’t met , but I am happy that I am catching some of these technologies.m



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